Friday, February 20, 2009

Cake Photos Collection 3

Another Blueberry Cheese Cake requested by Nursya. This cake was made for her sister Dayah on her sweet 25th birthday.
The Blueberry Cheese Cake for Salita's daughter, Dayini on her 8th birthday. On top of the edge decorated with one line round of blueberry pie filling and stripe blueberry icing at the edge.
Another collection for Aniq's birthday, mini numerical cup cakes for his friends
Mini cup cakes arranged as " HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANIQ EIGHT YA(YEAR)"
Aniq's birthday, mini alphabet cup cakes, gift for his friends.
Another New York, NewYork decorated Cheese Cake for Aniq & Afiq, Norsa'adah's lovely kids. Tadaa......the book cake for you dear was ready!
Pastel pink portion with Power Puff Girls for Hannah
Pastel blue portion with Spiderman for Arif
Today is 20 February 2009. Yesterday I made another 2 layers Chocolate Moist Cake (Book Style) for Siti Radhiah's daughter (1 year) & son (3 years) old. She requested for 2 tones cake, pink & blue. I managed decorated the cake as to my imagination. The idea was, the pink pastel color with edible image of Power Puff Girls for her and the blue pastel color with edible image of Spiderman for his. I hope the kids will enjoy it!


  1. Assalamualaikum. Kak Ana, ni u meniaga ke? Dah buka bakeri shop ke?

  2. Salam Niena, first of all thanks for joining me. Baru nak berjinak-jinak in this line of business. Homebake je kat rumah. Intent to open one bakery yang berkonsepkan halal homebake cakes with good taste and quality, insya'allah... Ok ke?