Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cake Photos Collection 2

Another 2 layers Chocolate Moist Cake with basket design at the edge for Dahlia
New York, New York Cheese Cake
Ooopps..not enough lighting! This was the cheese cake for Jami'atunnisak (Atun). I heard that she loves the cake so much...tq..he..he..
Fancy Cup Cakes
Blueberry Cheese Cake
This was the first blueberry cheese cake i made for Yani.
Chocolate Moist Cake 3
Another chocolate moist collection for Azima's beloved husband on his birthday.
Chocolate Sponge Cake
The cake for Norhalawiyah's cousin's engagement.
Orange Sponge Cake c/w orange pie filling
This is one of the best, delicious and fabulous orange cake again for Noor Saa'adah
Chocolate Orange Sponge Cake
This is one of my first batch of cake photos collection. The cake was made for Jami'atunnisak's (Atun) daughters, Nana & Saliha.
Colourful Cup Cakes - Yam, Orange, Vanilla, Strawberry & Blueberry Cream
Blueberry Vanilla Sponge Cake 3
Another cake for Norul's father in law's birthday
Vanilla Orange Sponge Cake
I just learned how to do basket decoration. I think this is the most beautiful basket cake design for Noor Saa'adah's beloved Mum...
Chocolate Moist c/w Almond Flake
Another Mahyum's order, chocolate moist cake with 2 layers and almond flake
Blueberry Vanilla Sponge Cake2
This cake is specially for Faiza & his wife on their wedding. There was a story behind this cake where the cake accidentally fell while delivering but it was a miracle!! not a single defect..Alhamdulillah...thank goodness.
Black Forest (White Version)
Another Black Forest Cake for my Bukit Beruntung friend, Suria, the owner of D'Mas Boutique. 2 layers cake for her son, Daniel on his 14th birthday.
Black Forest (Red Version)
This is Hashimah's Black Forest cake. She requested for red colour icing decoration. So...ta.. da..
Blueberry Vanilla Sponge Cake 1
For my family...Yummy!!!!! Chocolate Moist Cake 3
The M&Ms chocolate moist cake for Norul and her nephews on their birthdays
Fondant Butter Cake
This is the most complicated cake ever made by me.. Butter Milk Cup Cake
These are my first cup cakes decoration.
Vanilla Orange Butter Cake I made this cake especially for Ms. Fairuz as a contribution, my sweet ex-neighbour on her "kenduri doa selamat" Vanilla Blueberry Sponge Cake
This is my first "book cake" photos collection. Specially made for Linda's daughter, Amirah Adlina on her 2nd birthday. This cake was also layered with blueberry pie filling.
Chocolate Moist Cake 2
The heart shape chocolate moist cake with 2 layers for my sweet friend, Ros on 7/2/09.
Orange Cappucino Sponge Cake
This colourful roses cake was made specially for my niece, sweet Nur Hidayah on her birthday.
Vanilla Sponge Cake
Sweet purple roses of vanilla sponge cake for Mahyum on January 09.
Chocolate Rice Sponge Cake
This was requested by Kavitha for her beloved husband on 5/2/09. Chocolate sponge with 2 layers.
More cake photos...

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