Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cakes Collection Photos 37

CUP CAKES! CUP CAKES! Watie from Ingress Bukit Beruntung requested cup cakes for her friend's engagement. Butter cup cakes topping with chocolate ganache and sugar paste yellow roses.
WEDDING CAKE - IMAH & SYAHID Ina from Segara Clinic requested for a Chocolate Moist Cake with orange concept color.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAZIQ... Shimah wanted to celebrate her son's, Haziq on his 9th birthday with his favorite image of BEN TEN on the chocolate moist cake. I put some BEN TEN's toys for the decoration. Happy Birthday To You...Haziq!
HAPPY 16TH ANNIVERSARY TO SUFIZA & MUSTAPHA A Vanilla Blueberry Sponge Cake specially made for my beloved youngest sister Sufiza and her husband Mustapha. "Semoga Allah swt sentiasa memberkati segala usahamu dan melimpahruahkan rezeki Fiza dan suami..Amin 3x Yarabbila'lamin"

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