Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cake Photos Collection 12

27 March, 2009 Liana said "I want fruit flan cake with Superman logo on top of the cake, the logo with "S" only...ok Kak Ana" really tortured me since this is my first experience of baking fruit flan cake...So...i cut the vanilla cake into 2 layers and fill up with fruits, strawberry, grape,peach and orange in between with appricot glaze..mmm yummy...specially made for Liana's beloved husband!
and...this is my "S"...uperman's cake for my superb hubby....he..he..
On 30th March, was Afiq's 3rd birthday (Ani Rahayu's son). Ayu requested 10 cup cakes for Afiq's teacher, 40 pcs cup cakes for his friends and a square shape of blueberry vanilla cake with Ben Ten edible image. are the cakes for Afiq's birthday!
10 fancy cup cakes for teacher
40 pcs of clowns cup cakes
and...Ben Ten Blueberry Vanilla Cake
Other cakes on 30 March 2009
Happy Birthday to Ratna's mummy!
Ratna with her beloved mum's birthday chocolate moist cake. According to Ratna, her mum was so excited to celebrate on that day sampaikan salin pakaian, jubah baru...untuk photo session....cayalah nenek ni...
Other Cup Cake Casing Collection
Cup cake with casing A
Cup cake with casing B
26 March, 2009 - Friday Aliza required colourful and fancy cup cakes to bring to Johor as a gift for her relative on her Graduation Day which been held at UiTM Skudai, JB on 29, March 2009 (Friday). Congratulation Aliza!
Fancy cup cakes for aliza

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