Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cake Photos Collection 5

The Purple Car Cake for my kids...the first car cake i made..
Specially baked for beloved Mak (Hjh Saodah), Yati & family, Fiza & Family & Shaiful (Adik) n family. Love u all so much...
For neighbours & colleagues...brought some for testing!
Happy cute wife... "Darling...hmm..surprise for you...!"
Basket design at the edge of the cake
Chelsea edible image
On Sunday, 1 March 2009, I baked a chocolate sponge cake with edible image of Chelsea for Yani's husband. She wanted to surprise her husband with the cake. She requested for blue and white basket design at the edge of the round chocolate cake. I tried my best to apply her requirement. Finally...Chelsea....Chelsea....
I baked some cup cakes too, my chocolate moist cup cakes collection for my mummy and sibling, neighbours and some office colleagues for them to taste. Mmm yummy...yummy...


  1. Comelnya cake...my birthday coming boleh buat Manchester United cake tak?

  2. Niena cayang, when is your birthday? Kalau bulan March, I have to say sorry, sebab jadual bookingnya dah full sehingga end of month. If in April boleh booking starting from 9 onwards. Insya'allah...

  3. Rajinnya u ni. Do u do this over d weekend. BTW my birthday in May. I let u know id I nak order nanti.

  4. Niena, not only the weekend, almost everyday (after work)for birthday cakes especially cup cakes. Alhamdulillah...tiring jugak tapi enjoy during decoration stage. If in May, make sure the occasion not falls on 2,3,4,6,7,8,9,12,13,14,30 & 31 ya cayang. Tq..

  5. Wow those cakes look absolutely gorgeous! And tasty too!