Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cake Photos Collection 34

Tina from Admin. requested for 2 Chocolate Moist cakes. The hexagon pink cake was specially baked for her sweet daughter, Natassia and a square shaped cake was for her beloved auntie, June. I hope they like and enjoy them...
Lailah from PED requested for 75pcs buttermilk cup cakes with casing for 'jamuan perpisahan' on her last day..."Selamat Berhijrah ke tempat baru Lailah...always keep in touch..."
Siti Fatimah wanted to make a surprise for a birthday girl. The love shaped Vanilla Blueberry Sponge Cake layered with blueberry jelly inside for a birthday girl, Farah (Siti Fatimah's niece), on her sweet 20th birthday. 10TH AUGUST, 2009 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING...PAPA..
It's your birthday darling! I made a very special butter cake just for you. Tada ...a golfer with his beauty swing...he..he..
An Orange Sponge Cake with orange piping jelly for Noor Saaa'dah to celebrate her relative from Singapore..
Surprise!! Azral from PED required a very very special Spider Web Marble Cheese Cake for his beloved wife's (Anis) birthday. She must be very very lucky to have a husband like him...he..he.. I decorated on top of the cake with a chocolate spider. Hope Anis will enjoy it...
Ina from Klinik Segara requested 25 pcs buttermilk cup cakes for her second brother (Angah) on his 28th birthday.

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  1. u know why Azral decorated Spider Web Marble Cheese Cake?hehheh.....let secret!!!by the way i'm very very happiest on that day.TQ for my lovely cake maker. Your cakes so tasty....i liked cheeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee